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Schuberth motorcycle helmets

For more than 70 years, the German brand Schuberth has been known for making the safest, most comfortable and high-quality motorcycle helmets. There is even a saying in the motorcycle industry: "With Schuberth you're always in the right place!". We often hear this from customers who, after so many years of use, come back to Schuberth for a new helmet! But experts in the field of motorcycle helmets all say that Schuberth is top of the line!

But how does Schuberth manage all this? Schuberth is active in the broadest sense when it comes to safety products. Schuberth supplies products and equipment for the fire brigade, police, Formula 1, the army and of course the motorcycle helmet industry. Because Schuberth's knowledge is so broadly oriented, they can apply all the techniques experienced from each industry to each other.

Schuberth really stands for quality. Every motorcycle helmet they supply is handmade and subject to the most rigorous quality control available.

"Each motorcycle helmet is assembled by hand - from the first to the last step!"

Schuberth is fully committed to quality and trust. They reinforce this by offering a 5-year warranty on Schuberth motorcycle helmets. They want to ensure that every Schuberth-carrying motorcyclist can focus on the road and his bike with peace of mind, and can also rely on the quality and safety of the Schuberth brand.

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