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A jet helmet is a good choice for motorcyclists or scooter riders looking for a lightweight and comfortable helmet for short rides.

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View our Jet helmets now!

There are several types of helmets, including jet helmets. A jet helmet is characterized by the lack of the chin guard as with a full-face or system helmet. So a jet helmet is an open face helmet, with a short or long visor in most cases. Jet helmets are very popular among scooter riders.

Advantages of a jet helmet

Jet helmets are popular because of their lightweight and minimalist design, which provides more ventilation and a sense of freedom while riding. Although they offer less protection than full-face helmets, jet helmets still provide adequate protection for the face and head in case of an accident.

Jet helmets are also easier to put on and take off, which can be useful on short rides or in urban environments where speed and maneuverability are more important than maximum protection.

Safety of a jet helmet

Jet helmets provide basic protection for motorcyclists, but are not as safe as, say, full-face helmets. The open design of a jet helmet means that the face and chin are not completely covered, making it more likely that the face and chin will be injured in an accident. Although they do not offer the same protection as full-face helmets, modern jet helmets include advanced safety features such as reinforced chin straps and side impact protection.