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Full face helmets

A full-face helmet is a popular choice among motorcyclists because of its excellent safety features, comfort and not to be missed; the looks.

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Full face helmets

There are several types of helmets, including full-face helmets. Integral helmets are designed for maximum safety and provide full head and face protection.

Advantages integral helmet

A full-face helmet offers several advantages over other types of helmets. The main advantage of a full-face helmet is its complete coverage of the face, which allows these helmets to provide excellent protection in the event of an accident. Integral helmets are also aerodynamically designed and offer excellent noise isolation, ensuring a comfortable ride at high speeds. Thanks to advanced construction and innovative designs, lightweight integral helmets are also available today, providing even more comfort while riding.

Safety of a full-face helmet

Safety is our top priority, which is why all of our full-face helmets are made of high-quality materials that meet the highest safety standards. Our helmets are tested and certified according to the ECE standard and feature the latest technologies in shock absorption and impact protection. So you can confidently hit the road with a full-face helmet from our collection.