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Nexx helmets

Nexx, a Portuguese company, is one of the last European helmet manufacturers to produce everything in Europe and they are proud of that. Nexx's philosophy is that all knowledge, techniques and facilities should be concentrated in one place. In their case; Portugal. By concentrating all production and development facilities in one place, they can ensure that production costs remain low and quality remains high. So smart looking.

Of all the motorcycle helmets available on the market, Nexx helmets constantly stand out! In their own words, they do this by constantly searching for ''The wow factor''. They do this not only by coming up with crazy color combinations, but mainly by excelling in the price quality they offer. Together with the unique configurations, design (in helmets) and the ability to meet the market needs, Nexx surprises time and again with their new collections!

Nexx can supply the perfect motorcycle helmet for every motorcyclist. Whether you like to ride around on your cross bike, long rides on your touring bike or like to pull wheelies on a fat naked bike, Nexx ensures that you are safe and fashionable on the bike!

Nexx Models

Nexx's best-selling models are the X.WED2 (Carbon), X.WST2, X. VILIJORD and the SX100R. In addition, we have high expectations of the X.WRL helmet! Which will be available in 2022!

Nexx benefits

  • one of the best price-quality ratios on the motorcycle helmet market
  • Fast warranty procedures
  • Total offer for every motorcyclist
  • Innovative in the field of safety techniques
  • Differentiate from other motorcycle helmet brands
  • X-Com Communication systems; specially designed for Nexx helmets