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Healtech QuickShifter easy QSH-F2A

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Healtech Quickshifter easy QSH-F2A

The Heal Tech Quickshifter Easy QSH-F2A is easy to install, easy to set up and is very affordable.

Now most professional quickshifter switching technology known from the motogp become very affordable without compromising on quality or settings. Perfect for anyone who strives for faster lap times, faster sprint times faster switching or just for more fun on the road.

The unique switching sensor Quickshifter Easy works on all motorcycles, both push and pull (including switching vice versa). The Quickshifter Easy can be set to briefly interrupt the ignition both during upshifting and downshifting so that there is no linking can be quickly switched. The installation is very easy with the universal and vehicle specific "plug 'n go" cable kits. And configuring the quick shifter with its Bluetooth technology and online apps has never been easier.

The Heal Tech Quickshifter Easy is super compact with small dimensions of 50x30x17mm and weighs just 43 grams (including sensor).

Setting the Heal Tech Quickshifter is simple via the Healtech app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Application list Heal Tech Quickshifter easy QSH-F1A

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