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Belstaff Motorcycle Clothing is one of the oldest motorcycle brand in history!

In 1924 the adventure began, Eli Belovitch started Bellstaff with his son in law Harry Grossberg(note the double L, which disappeared in the 30s).

The company produces practical waterproof clothing, with the focus on motorcyclists!

Belstaff was the first brand with waterproof yet breathable motorcycle jackets.

In 2007 Will Smith appears on a poster with a Belstaff jacket, while Naomi Watts has a Belstaff jacket Eastern Promisses and Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

We also dont forget Mission: Impossible III where Belstaff clothing is shown.

In 2013 the first Belstaff FlagStore opened his doors in London, it was officially opened by David Beckham.

So Belastaff become a true fashion icon, where they produce many normal casual wear and also have a very tough Belstaff Motorcycle Clothing line.

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