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Shoei is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world, the only thing that counts with Shoei helmets is all about safety and quality.

Shoei motorcycle helmets have a huge finish level with regard to the outer shell, the interior and everything that has to do with the helmet.

The fabricating process for Shoei motorcycle helmets still have a lot of handwork, the quality control is from the highest standard.

Each manufactured helmet shell is controlled manually if it meets the Shoei guidelines, if the shell is approved it goes to the painter.

First the Shoei helmet will be provided with a base layer of lacquer, then the helmet is painted into the right color. 

If you buy a Shoei helmet with a design, than it means that the stickers on this helmet are manually get stucked on the Shoei Helmet. This is a very precize work. Mistakes will be corrected with a paintbrush. 

If everything is ready then the helmet goes in the clear coat to protect the paint.

When producing a helmet on this quality level, the producing cost will be higher that the Chinese helmets on the market.

So Shoei motorcycle helmets are more expensive than the average motorcycle helmets, but this is clearly reflected in the quality of Shoei helmets.


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2017 Collection
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Shoei NXR Ruts TC-6
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Shoei NXR Intense TC-3
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Shoei NXR Flagger TC-5
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2017 Collection
Shoei NXR Flagger TC-1
2017 Collection
Shoei NXR Flagger TC-6
2017 Collection
Shoei NXR Flagger TC-3
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