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An motorcycle is not just for pleasure or your best friend in everyday traffic.

An motorcycle is a miraculous machine, once you step, you are one with your bike, you just forget everything and enjoy motorcycling.

Developing good motorcycle clothing is in the blood of the Richa Family.

Since 1956, Richa tried repeatedly to exceed technical limits on the eternal journey towards maximum safety and comfort.

On this trip, they found a reliable companion in d3o, which makes it even safer Richa collection since 2014 through the best protection.

The safety of customers Richa motorcycle purchase is Richa's biggest concern, Richa is therefore proud of the new "high density fabric" a very durable substance which in almost all motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers Richa is.

Richa caters to various segments in motorcycle, touring, vintage, racing and urban commuting are the four doelgroepem.

Richa is much more than a brand: it is an engine-related lifestyle. A way of life in which they combine all aspects of safety, comfort and passion.

Richa Motorcycle Clothing, top quality at a fair price.

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